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Graduation Requirements

                              Graduation Requirements
Del Norte High School
Graduation Requirements
History/Social Science
30 credits (3 years)
World History-10th, U.S. History-11th
40 credits (4 years/9th-12th)
20 credits (4 trimesters)
Laboratory Science
20 credits (2 years)
(10 physical, 10 life)
Language Other Than English
OR additional Fine Art
5 credits (1 trimester)
Visual /Performing Arts
5 credits (1 trimester)
Physical Education & Health
20 PE Credits + 5 Health Credits
(ENS 1-2-3 + 2 trimesters additional PE)
85 credits (5 credits/trimester)
Chosen from any academic or elective courses beyond the minimum required for that academic or elective area
Additional Requirements
·         230 (or more) credits
·         Pass California High School Exit Exam in Math & English
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California High School Exit Exam
Students must pass this exam to receive our diploma. Exam Study Site
Mathematics requirement for graduation
Students must earn a minimum of 20 math credits and must pass Algebra 1 and 2 with a D or higher.
School Service Courses
No student may take more than one school service course per trimester. A maximum of twenty (20) credits of school service may be applied toward graduation requirements.  Credit limits apply for specific school service coureses:
     Students can earn no more that a combined 10 credits of Teacher/Library/Office Assistant
     Students can earn no  more than 10 credits of Academic Tutor
     Students can earn no more than 20 credits of Vocational Learning Assistant
A maximum of forty (40) credits of school service and Work Experience may be applied toward graduation requirements.
Biological Science Courses
Biology 1-2, AP Biology 3-4
Physical Science Courses
Chemistry 1-2, Physics 1-2, AP Physics 3-4 C:Mechanics, AP Chemistry 3-4
Physical Education
A maximum of 40 credits of Physical Education (PE) can be earned to meet PUSD graduation requirements. The first 20 credits earned fulfill the PE requirement, and an additional 20 credits can be earned to fulfill a portion of the elective credits needed.
Athletic Exemption: Students who participate in a CIF sanctioned sport may request an athletic exemption through Del Norte Athletics Department. Upon approval from the athletic director, the exemption allows students to waive 5 physical education (PE) credits. Waiving PE credits does not reduce the total of 230 credits required for graduation. It allows students to take an elective course instead of a PE course. Students are required to submit an exemption form to athletics by deadlines posted on the Athletics website, found here. Only upon successful completion of the season, meeting the requirements specified on the form, and completion of the Athletic Exemption Form, will 5 PE credits be waived from the PE subject requirement and added to the elective requirement. Students enrolled in any PE class are not concurrently eligible for a PE waiver (Fall Sport-Trimester 1, Winter Sport–Trimester 2, Spring Sport-Trimester 3). Freshmen are not eligible for a PE waiver. Seniors are not eligible for a PE waiver trimester 3 of senior year. Dance and Cheerleading activities do not meet the requirements of school board policy governing PE exemptions. Click here for additional information on the Athletics website.
Pass/Fail Grade
Non UC/CSU college preparatory courses can be taken pass/fail. One class per trimester can be taken pass/fail. The student must get a permission form from the registrar and turn it in within the first five days of the trimester he/she is requesting to take a class pass/fail.
Multiple Credits
A student may repeat any course for the purpose of improving the grade in that course. Students will not, however, receive multiple credit for repeating a class except in the following courses:
  • English As a Second Language
  • Reading Skills
  • Speech Workshop
  • Developmental Writing
  • Yearbook
  • All P.E. classes
  • Journalism 2
  • Work Experience
  • All School Service classes
  • All ROP classes
  • Vocal & Instrumental
  • Planning & Leadership
  • Performing class in Music
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